Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tome's 500 Page Challenge

This is a monthly challenge hosted here at the Tome.  Its quite self  explanatory, read a book 500 pages or more ; ) On the last day of the month I will post the wrap up of what I read and what my new book will be.  Grab my button on my sidebar  if you'd like to join.  If I get enough followers I'll put a Mr. Linky at the bottom for all. 

Well I had a great reading month!!!  What a bounce back from the pitiful July.  I have gotten through 7 books!  My goal for this month is to whittle down my ARC pile, that is only fair of me.

Loved Stray, here is my *REVIEW* .  I'll definitely be continuing with the series in the future.  Now for this months choice -

The Godmother

The Godmother
Carrie Adams
Paperback 496 pgs.

I am reading this for my book club *Authors By The Alphabet*, and while its just shy of the 500 pgs, that's just fine, I'm in this for fun and I want others to join in and have fun too! If I have a really good month I just might give Kushiel's Dart a try and have two tomes down in a month ; )


  1. Hi Paula! I have been out of town so I am a little behind on my blogs. Anyway, I just started The Godmother and hope to have it done within the next few days.

    I already finished up a book for this month's 500 Page Challenge. Lily White by Susan Isaacs is almost 600 pages. Below is the URL for my review!

  2. Oooo, Julie wtg lady, your getting 2 tomes in this month!!!

  3. My copy isn't over 500 pages. I don't even think it is 496--I will let you know when I finish.....


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