Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Authors By The Alphabet Book Club

I've been thinking of starting a book club.  With back to school here for mine and just around the corner for others, I figured September would be a good time to do this.  The title of the club spells it all out.  We'll go through the alphabet of author's last names.  If we can't find a last name for the letter (I doubt it) we'll use the first.  I'm thinking paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mystery/thriller, and maybe some chick-lit too.  Even touching on genres we might not normally even consider, a way to expand our reading horizons maybe? What do you think?  This will be ongoing, each month one book being chosen since so many of us belong to challenges and other book clubs as well.  We'll meet back here to post our answers to the ?'s given and hopefully we can get some good discussion or even debate going! 

Who'd like to join?  I'll have a button posted on the side bar to grab to match the picture here, come have some fun reading : )  Dare I be so bold as to set up Mr. Linky at the bottom for all who want to sign on?  What the hey, if I'm gonna do this might as well go all out, so sign Mr. Linky and leave a comment too!

*ADDENDUM*  -  I'll post 3 books on the 28th or 9th of August and we can choose from 1 of those so we're  sure that we pick a book that hasn't been read by anyone joining.  From there on, we can have 1 member post a book choice a week or 2 before the new month so that we're prepared for the next months selection.


  1. Good idea :-)

    How will the Book Club choose the books?

  2. I'll pick the 1st one, then maybe put up 2-3 and let the participants vote on what should be next. We can have that vote the month before the book reading so that we can prepare.

    I'm up for any suggestions!

  3. I am liking, will do a post for sure, are we going in order of Alphabet?

  4. Yes right on through, and if by some crazy chance we can't find an author for that letter, we'll go to the next.

  5. Okay, I wasn't going to join because of how much my entire life is disintegrating right now (I'm right t the very beginning of leaving what has become a very very difficult marriage.) but maybe it'll be a good thing for me. If I fade out, though, I hope you will all understand.

  6. Hi Paula! :)
    This is a fun idea. Some months my reading is sparse and I may not be able to commit to a selection, but I'll give it my best shot!

    Buffy, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Maybe the book club will give you a few hours of distraction when you need it. Hugs to you.

  7. This is great! I'd love for us to try and get at least 15, but I am so glad ya'll are jumping in here!

    Buffy, hang in there, and I'm sure books will help take you away.

  8. Thanks Christine and Paula. I'll look forward to seeing what we all select.

  9. I am sooo looking forward to this. *grins* As if I don't have enough to do! But you gotta love books! XD

  10. Your site is BEAUTIFUL...Love it.

    Your book club idea sounds great, but unfortunately I already belong to three book clubs, and it wouldn't be fair to join and not be able to participate in the fun.

    I will watch if that is ok, though...perhaps if I have read one, I will participate.

    Have fun all members.

    Great idea.

    I am a follower.

    Stop by my blog for some ideas or just to look around.


  11. Christine directed me this way as I was just talking about the fact that I was looking for an online book group. Hopefully this will be exactly what I was looking for. I'll be requesting the 1st book from the library ASAP!

  12. Your blog is very elegant. I just started following you and joined your book club. Love the idea

  13. @ Elizabeth, thank you so much! Feel free to keep an eye out and jump in at anytime :)

    Welcome Samantha and Sapphire Reads, the more the merrier, I'm looking forward to this!


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