Friday, August 6, 2010

Fear No Evil - Robin Caroll

Fear No Evil
Fear No Evil
Robin Caroll
Paperback 344 pgs
B&H Books

Before I review, let me just say this is my very 1st arc.

Fear No Evil is a mystery/suspense novel.  This is the first time I'm reading this author.  Caroll writes nicely, she doesn't get bogged down in baloney, or unnecessary nonsense, which is a big plus for me.  I love being able to breeze through books and not feel like I'm doing a chore.  Her characters are pleasant, easy to like.

The book opens up with a terrible scene of spousal abuse that just kick starts the story.  From there it slows down a bit to introduce us to Lincoln Vailes who moved to Louisiana and become a police officer from the Smoky Mountains where he was a park ranger because his Mom needs help since his father is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's.  Then you meet social worker Jade Laurent who can't help but get emotionally involved with her case, which is a big no-no for personal to do.  Her boss makes it clear that she can not do this, and Jade just doesn't want to hear it.  We also meet gang leader Guerrero.  He is the president of the Pantheras in Philidelphia, and there is a  war going on between them, a rival gang and a mafia family. Caroll gives us a tiny view of gang politics and workings.  Guerrero has his right hand man and best friend since childhood, Angel and his soldiers that will protect him with no questions.

Someone tries to run Jade's car off the road, and other acts of violence come her way.  Lincoln investigates and finds that there is gang ties to this.  Why a gang is down south and targeting her has him clueless. As the story goes the intrigue amps up and I was kept guessing as to who the real baddie was almost the end, which was great. There's a little romance brewing to warm you up as well.

Now, I normally would not have read this book.  In the description I didn't see anywhere that it was a faith based book.  I have no problem with that, but it isn't my thing.  This book was too vanilla for me, sprinkled with bible verses prayer and salvation throughout.  There was not one curse word in the whole thing, no love scene, and the violence while bad, was not horrifying.  Again, Robin Caroll writes a good book on some serious subjects, and I wanted to give a fair review even though I won't read her again, since this isn't my genre.

I'll give Fear No Evil 3 cannolis


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