Thursday, August 26, 2010

Authors By The Alphabet Book Choice!

If you'd like to join us go *HERE*

Ok girls since it seems to be the one you all want to read we'll go with -

The Godmother

The Godmother
Carrie Adams
Paperback 496

I'm looking forward to this!  Again, I went a little on the light side, for me anyway.  Please feel free to get as rough or raunchy as you'd like.  I'm really looking at this as an opportunity to discover new authors and genre's I might not ever touch.  If I could read the drivel Eat Pray Love for my sis-in-laws book club I can read anything!

Oh and if any of you want to join my 500 pg challenge, this would work, I'm not picky over a few pages ; )

Julie, about the 2nd week in Sept I'd guess, just email me or post a comment on 3 books your thinking of and I'll post it so we all can say whether we've read any of them and then you decide which : )


On the 29th or 30 of each month I will list the discussion questions for us to answer.


  1. How nice that this will satisfy both of your challenges for the month!

  2. This one is on Kindle, good stuff.

    I look forward to the discussion.

  3. @ Julie, I know, nothing like killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

    I think I'll get mine from the library, I'm trying to keep the spending down a bit.

  4. Excellent! I'll be heading to the library for this one early this week.

    Did we establish a date to have the book read by for discussion?

  5. I'll post the discussion ?'s on the 29th or 30th of each month for us to answer, thanks for reminding my Christine :)


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