Monday, August 2, 2010

Tome's 500 Page Challenge - August

This is a monthly challenge hosted here at the Tome.  Its quite self  explanatory, read a book 500 pages or more ; ) On the last day of the month I will post the wrap up of what I read and what my new book will be.  Grab my button on my sidebar  if you'd like to join.  If I get enough followers I'll put a Mr. Linky at the bottom for all. 

Ok I'm a little late with the posting, I know the last day of the month was Saturday, but I've been a bit lazy with it being summer ; )  That said, how about some people jumping into this challenge.  We all love to read, we all love to squawk about them good or bad so come on girls, it's open for the whole month come join the fun and then come back at the end of the month to talk about it!

July was just a TERRIBLE reading month for me : (  I read 2 books for the whole month.  Reading Voyager just killed me.  I started that book on the 9th and didn't finish the sucker till the 28th!!!  Not good at all. Granted it was 1072 pgs long, but just the same.  Hubs thinks I'm a wacko cause I'm going to read the rest in the series and some are 1400 pgs long, but I do love the story and characters even though Gabaldon gets bogged down in b.s.  Here is my review -


Now for August's choice, my kids go back to school on the 11th so I'll have more quiet time for reading and I will read.....

Stray (Shifters Book 1)

  Rachel Vincent
  Paperback 400 pgs

Yes I know 400 pgs, Voyager was double my challenge # anywho ; ) but I have to say, the book that has more pgs, while on my summer challenge reading list is not where my head is at right now, but I will list it as well as a possible 2nd choice for the challenge -

Kushiel's Dart

  Kushiels Dart
  Paperback 816 pgs
  Tor Fantasy

Has anyone read Kushiel's Dart?  I know of 1 person who has read a few in the series and liked it very much, but she said it was quite intense.  That is where my trepidation lies.  I don't know if I want intense.

Also I am hosting a group reading of Eternal Kiss Of Darkness this month with a quick check in on the 15th and discussion on the 27th so that everyone has a chance to get the book, come join the fun with that too! Stop by here -

*Eternal Kiss Of Darkness*


  1. Hey Paula! I am going to tackle this one this month. I plan on reading Salem's Lot by Stephen King--it's a little over 600 pages...

  2. I'm so glad Julie!! Salem's Lot was a great book, I read that many many yrs ago.

  3. I love the first three books in the Kushiel Series! And I heard that it takes a few books to get into the Shifters series.

  4. You must tell me how you like Stray! I've been seriously debating over reading it and just can't make my mind up. The cover is wonderful, but the synopsis was kind of horrible to me. So, keep me posted.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  5. I don't have a 500 page book on my schedule this month, but I'll keep my eyes open for next month.

    Found you through Reading without restraint...

  6. Okay, I am changing my book selection because I don't know if I will actually get to Salem's Lot this month because I have gotten a few review books lately. Anyway, I am slogging my way through The Time Traveler's Wife. It is 536 pages, so it qualifies--yea! Have you read that one, Paula?

  7. As much as I *love* a reading challenge, 500 pages is daunting to me. I may have to pass, but I do love your button! =)

  8. Hey Paula--Where are we supposed to post our reviews??

    Here is my review for my 500-Page Challenge:

  9. What you did is fine Julie! Just post a link to what you read so others can find it ;)


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