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Precious Blood

Precious Blood

  Precious Blood
  Jonathan Hayes
  Paperback 448 pgs.

Amazon blurb-

New York City medical examiner Hayes provides plenty of authentic forensic atmosphere in his grisly debut. But his tale of a maniacal serial killer loose on the streets of Manhattan dwells too much on the carnage with insufficient focus on his protagonist's emotional state. Dr. Edward Jenner, an occasional private consultant who resigned from his post as a New York City forensic pathologist after the trauma of 9/11, is positive the gruesome crucifixion murder of a young college student is the handiwork of a burgeoning serial killer. When Ana de Jong, the murdered girl's roommate, appears in his loft, desperate for help, Jenner is plunged deep into a world of cruelty and death, a world he tried so desperately to leave behind. As more bodies pile up and the killer's methods become increasingly sadistic, Jenner races to identify the ancient text engraved in the victims' flesh, hoping it will lead him to the truth behind the murders. The somewhat creepy relationship that develops between Jenner and Ana distracts, while fans familiar with the conventions of the serial killer genre will find much of the action predictable.

I'm not going to go to deep with my review since my hubs already did one for me *here* : )  I agree with Amazon and my hubby as far as the author not delving into the emotional state of the killer quite enough to clarify the carnage.  While I know the reason, it is not spelled out in black and white, something that bothered my hubs and probably could have been touched on more.  I also agree that the relationship with Ana de Jong and Dr. Jenner was unnecessary.  It actually ticked me and made me dislike her somewhat.  For the most part, the characters are good ones.  You have your crew of NYPD that are decent, there is the coroners staff that have a great affection for Dr.Jenner and are glad he's back.  His neighbor Jun is a good character too, I wish they would have went into that a bit more, and you  have the resident s.o.b that you hate, so that works well.  While it's true that it's somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed reading it, the quick pace, and tension building was perfect.

A favorite snippet of mine -

"How did you know?" Jenner asked Frank.  "Roundtree.  He said if you didn't show up tonight, we could call him Captain A$$hole for a year."

exchange between Doc Jenner and Med.Ex. office Security personnel after Jenner thinks he snuck in.

I'll give this one 3 cannolis

This also makes me up to # 10 in the Thriller-Suspense Challenge hosted by Book Chick City.  If you'd like to join just click the title or the challenge button in the marquee to the left.


  1. I'm in for the EKOD read. Do I need to read FDOC first? I have it on hold at the library and I'm just waiting for it to be ready. Or is EDOD work as a stand alone?

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  2. Yaay, I love the you and hubby part. It cracked me up in his review opener saying he had to write it etc, lol

    I think I still want to read this one because I just love serial killer reads.

  3. Oh it's definitely worth reading Marce!

  4. Wow--you read this one really quickly! Of course, anything would be quicker than the last one you read! LOL

  5. Hey, Paula, Jonathan Hayes here.

    Thanks for your kind words and thoughts about PRECIOUS BLOOD. I've just blathered on a bit in the comments section of your Handsome Hubs's review, so I won't repeat my windbaggery here!

    The question of how much to reveal of any character is always a tricky one. I have yet to see a serial killer where we really *understood* why he was doing what he was doing; I doubt that they themselves know, just that it feels good to kill in the way that they do. In the editing process, I cut down a lot on explanations; I knew some readers would want more, but, again, in real life, in all of these cases, we're left wondering why the hell people do these things.

    Ana annoyed a lot of people, but you might be surprised to hear that she had some strong supporters: a number of people wrote to ask me to consider doing a series about her. If I do, I won't expect to see a review by you!

    Again, thanks for reading my book; writing is very solitary work, so it's always a pleasure to get feedback.


  6. Mr. Hayes, I am the one who must say thanks for coming by and reading my review! I am honored that you think enough of what your readers have to say.

    I am very glad that Jenner will be back and I know my handsome hubs, who's name is John ;) will be happy too. He loves this genre, and he is a bit tough, being a former NYPD'er himself and a darn good one, not much gets past his eye.

    @ Julie, oh yes I went through this one in a snap, I love a good thriller that makes the pgs fly!


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