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Authors By The Alphabet Club Check-in

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Hey ladies!  Just wanted to take a minute and see how all of you are doing.  Are you reading yet?  Finished?  I'm about halfway through and I like it.  This is a good book.  It's not something I read all the time, but it was a nice mix it up for me : )  I like Tessa too so that helps.

I'll be posting the discussion ?'s on the 29th and we can answer here in the comment section so that we're not all running around the blogs finding each others answers.  I think that'll make discussion more conducive as well!  If you'd like to post a link to your review that would be great.

October's book choices are courtesy of the lovely Miss Julie from Reading Without Restraint.  She has chosen a few books, so look and see if you've read any and let us know, and then Julie can choose the one for us to read in October.  November's chooser(is that a word?) is - Buffy!  And Buffy you get the letter C, you can let me know 2 or 3 books you have in mind and I'll do the same in October that I did here : )

Book Choices -

The Last Summer (of You and Me)The Last Summer Of You And Me
Ann Brashares

Blurb -  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants author delivers her first novel for adults, a treacly tale about the tribulations a trio of longtime friends encounter. For as long as she can remember, 21-year-old Alice has spent summers on Fire Island with her parents and older sister, Riley. Riley, 24, is a beach lifeguard, more boyish in both looks and spirit than sweet, feminine Alice. An island neighbor and Riley's best friend, Paul, whose father is dead and mother mostly absent, returns to the island after two years away and must decide whether to sell his family's house there. More importantly, he and Alice finally act on an attraction they've felt for years, but they keep their frequent nuzzling quiet so as not to hurt Riley. Riley, meanwhile, has her own problems that could ruin Alice and Paul's clandestine romance and just about everything else.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything: A Novel

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Janelle Brown

Blurb - In Brown's withering Silicon Valley satire, a family wakes up on a June day to realize that patriarch Paul's company has hit the big time with a phenomenal IPO. But instead of rejoicing about being newly rich, the family's three women each find themselves in the throes of a major crisis. Paul has fled with his new amour, who happens to be wife Janice's tennis partner. Desperate housewife Janice discovers the soothing power of the pool boy's drug stash and sinks into addiction and denial. Meanwhile, 20-something daughter Margaret learns the price of living a Hollywood lifestyle on an artsy hipster's budget—gargantuan credit card debt. Finally, 14-year-old Lizzie wades deeper and deeper into a sea of adolescent trouble without an adult to confide in. From the ashes of their California dreams, the three must learn to talk to each other instead of past each other, and build a new, slightly more realistic existence—but not without doses of revenge and hilarity.

Somebody Else's Daughter: A Novel Somebody Else's Daughter
Elizabeth Brundage

Blurb - Like The Doctor's Wife - which The Boston Globe called "a compelling read"-Somebody Else's Daughter is a literary page-turner peopled with fascinating and disturbing characters. In the idyllic Berkshires, at the prestigious Pioneer School, there are dark secrets that threaten to come to light. Willa Golding, a student, has been brought up by her adoptive parents in elegant prosperity, but they have fled a mysterious and shameful past. Her biological father, a failing writer and former drug addict, needs to see the daughter he abandoned, and so he gains a teaching position at the school. A feminist sculptor initiates a reckless affair, the Pioneer students live in a world to which adults turn a blind eye, and the headmaster's wife is busy keeping her husband's current indiscretions well hidden. Building to a breathtaking collision between two fathers-biological and adoptive, past and present- Somebody Else's Daughter is both a suspenseful thriller and a probing study of richly conflicted characters in emotional turmoil.

Lipstick Jungle 
Lipstick Jungle
Candace Bushnell

Blurb - Lipstick Jungle weaves the stories of Nico O'Neilly, Wendy Healy, and Victory Ford, numbers 8, 12, and 17 on The New York Post's list of "New York's 50 Most Powerful Women." But this is 21st Century New York, and to get ahead and stay ahead, these women will do anything, including jeopardizing their personal and professional relationships. Take for example Nico, editor-in-chief of Bonfire magazine, who betrays her boss to rise to the top of the entire magazine division at media mega-giant Splatch-Verner. As president of Paradour Pictures, Wendy may be poised to win an Oscar for her 10-year labor-of-love, Ragged Pilgrims, but her marriage is in shambles and her
children care more about a $50,000 pony than their mother. And for single, 43-year-old fashion designer Victory, pleasing tough critics may be more important than ever finding the real relationship she's convinced herself she doesn't need.

Ok, here are 4 choices that sound really good.   Just come back and give a shout!  So far I'm enjoying this, I hope ya'll are too


  1. I'd love to read The Last Summer of You and Me for our October book. Assuming I can even pull off September's read! LOL!

  2. that one sounds good to me too! I'll take any of em though I haven't read them.

  3. Hmmm, not sure what I will choose, but I haven't read any of them.

    My choices would probably be All We Ever Wanted or Lipstick Jungle (only cause I watched a few episodes)

  4. My vote is for The Last Summer of You and Me, too! Somebody Else's Daughter is probably my second choice!

    I need to get to the library soon to pick up The Godmother, it just arrived today from a different library.

    I have a few ideas already for C, but I'll try to come up with one or two more options and then get them to you, Paula. :)

  5. I'll be keeping my eye on this post to see which book is winning out!


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