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Glory In Death

Glory in Death (In Death, Book 2)
  Glory In Death
  J.D. Robb
  Paperback 320 pgs.

Amazon's Blurb -

In the second of this futuristic mystery series, protagonist New York police Lieutenant Eve Dallas looks for a serial killer of prominent career women. Eve tenaciously follows the clues whether they imperil her romantic relationship with a millionaire or her beloved job. Truth and justice are the goals she works resolutely toward and that lead her finally to solve the case, save the life of a friend, and command the respect of her tall, dark, handsome lover. If the supporting characters are somewhat stereotypical and the ending easy to predict, the humor and imaginative slice of mid-21st-century life provide scope for the reader's talents. 

This is # 2 of the In Death series.  I am loving it!  Robb has crafted a great character in Lt. Eve Dallas.  She is smart, tough, yet has a vulnerable side to her that makes you like her even more.  Her one friend Mavis needs to be developed some more, she has  great funny potential!  I like that Capt. Feeney is easy around her, calling her kid, and being tough with her too. Roarke is priceless.  This man is confident, extremely powerful, smart, tough, and yet she has brought him to his knee's!  He loves her so very much that it scares the crumbs out of him. Watching this relationship is wonderful.

Someone is killing the city's prominent woman, and Eve is put on the job personally by Commander Whitney for her no nonsense, honest police work that she does.  She decides to put herself in the limelight, deducing that the killer will get pissed at her stealing his thunder, making her a target.  Granting and interview about the case, and out on the town. Her relationship with Roarke affords her that luxury since they are fodder for the gossip columnists.   It also affords her his help and his access to info she normally would not be able to get.

Roarke is trying to cope with the fact that she can't let herself fully be with him yet.  She still holds back a piece of herself.  He does accept that her work is important to her, but he wants all of her.  In one scene as he watches her sleep he sees how she hesitates before turning into him and he has a difficult time with that.  To see such a strong man weak over his love is very touching.

Eve is so devoted to the victims, you feel her exhaustion as she doggedly pursues the killer, often at the expense of her own well being both physically and personally.  She is a great cop, pure and simple.  My most favorite part took place between she and Roarke.  All I'll say is she goes busting into his house, they had had a tiff so she was staying away, his butler Sommerset hates her, she threatens to deck him and then she busts in on Roarke.  After arguing back and forth he tells her to get out, as she turns to go, he throws the switch to lock the doors.  You read to see what happens.

I will be continuing without a doubt and give this book 4 cannolis!


  1. Great review, Paula. This series is really great... the crime fiction is interesting, but the characters and their relationships are really what keeps this series going on strong. It's so entertaining and rewarding "getting to know" them and follow the dynamics between them.

  2. Oh!! I forgot to say that I LOVE your new blog look!! Great header! :)

  3. Thank you Christine, I love it too! Emily is wonderful :)

    This series is just fantastic. The fact that there are 30 something of them doesn't bother me at all. I'm just scared that somewhere in there, there's gonna be some hurting and I hate to cry :(


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