Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Blog Design

Blogaholic DesignsThis is my new blog!!!  I can't say thank you enough to Emily of Blogaholic Designs She is so very talented, patient and made my blog just beautiful!!

The next thank you goes to Julie of Reading Without Restraint. If it wasn't for her birthday bash contest, I never would have done this.  I am so appreciative!

Please visit both these blogs, and contact Emily.  This girl just rocks!


  1. love the blog! I am thinking of getting my blog done by a pro! I will definitely contact Emily when I have the money to get it done!

  2. Paula:
    Love the makeover!!! Wasn't it exciting to see the final design?
    Emily is amazing. Enjoy!!!!

  3. oh this is beautiful, wow, I love it

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! So happy you won, Paula.....

  5. Sarah, please do! She has different pkgs. and alla carte items. I am so happy with it and she is just a wonderful gal!

    @CMash, it was very exciting! What a great thing to see someone create :)

    Thank you E, now get your butt back into blogging so I can see your art!!

    Julie, I am very happy I won too. Thank you :)


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