Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outlander Challenge

This post will be my link-up to all my Outlander series reviews.  It's being hosted over at SRR Outlander Reading Challenge.  I really love this series, I adore Claire and Jamie and am enjoying the journey with them.

Here are the reviews -
  1. Outlander
  2. Dragonfly In Amber
  3.  Voyager - READING

These books are very very long.  I know I'm jumping in a bit late in the game here, but it's been extended to January and since I'd already read 1 and 2, and was starting 3 for my own monthly 500 pg challenge I figured what the hey.  I'm enjoying the series anyway so I might as well join this challenge too : )  If you love Claire and Jamie, jump on board with us!


  1. Hi Paula, welcome to the SRR challenge :) I've only read book one and seriously need to find time for book 2-3 or else I will have big epic challenge fail on my hand. I loved the first book and really take you back to a rural Scotland :) Jamie and Clair are one of my favorite couples. Enjoy Voyager!!

  2. Thanks Leontine! I'm excited about this one. The 1st book just swept me up big time. I'm looking forward to completing the series :)


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