Saturday, June 5, 2010

Night Embrace - Dark Hunters #3

Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, Book 3)

Night Embrace
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Paperback 416 pgs
St. Martin's Paperback

I finished this book last night and I liked it.  Talon was a good character, and Sunshine was likeable as well.  Since this is only #3 in the series I still can't say which hunter or gal lead really gets me going.  I can say that since meeting Zarek, I am leaning towards him as a fave.  Can't wait to start his book next.

Talon is a Celt who lost all that he loved through murder, and sold his soul to Artemis so that he can have his vengence.  His curse comes from the God Camulus who kills anyone who has any meaning to Talon.  Of course this puts a major chink in the coming together of he and Sunshine, an artist who sells her wares down on Jackson Square in New Orleans.

How is Talon described, well he's tall as they all are at least 6'5", beautiful blonde hair that falls flowing to his shoulders with those great little braids that those highlanders will have in the front.  Intricate tattoo covering his front and back, and his biceps. Of course muscles that never end, basically drop dead gorgeous. His unique power is his ability to take on the injuries of others unto himself.

They are an odd couple in that he is a junk food lover and she is a vegan, her telling him his diet will kill him and he basically feeling her diet will kill him.  He loves beignets and cafe au lait, I must say I have to agree with Talon, they are very delicious!

You have them trying to figure out how they can break the curse and just how much one will give up to save the other.

As I said before I like how the author ties in all the characters from past books and introduces future characters in current books.  I met a few newbies here and look forward to reading their stories.  Fast pace, decent action, it's worth reading.

I am also doing the Summer Romance Challenge hosted by Book Chick City, so this will count as #1!

Now on to Covet!


  1. saw you on the hop. I blog on UF and PNR and anything supernatural, paranormal, vamp or magical in books, art, film, or life. I never know what's going to get m going. This is the second time today I read about beignets! And, have you ever noticed there are no chubby supe males and they all love a curvy woman. Vedo che sei Italiana, grazie per il bello desegno dello tuo blog. Hmmmm

  2. I also just finished reading this recently. But unlike you, I didn't enjoy this. You can check out my review if you like.


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