Thursday, June 24, 2010

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One would think as the mother of 6 I would have a firm grasp on YA lit.  Truth, I don't.  My oldest is now 29 and she was and is still a voracious reader like I am.  The 22 yr old likes to read, but she doesn't hold the same passion.  My 19 yr old son is a sci-fi buff and he reads when something really catches his fancy.  I never really got into YA lit with them, they always read what was good for their age group.  It's my 12 yr old dd MaryAnn that I am trying to find some good books for.  She is a funny personality.  While she is 12 her mind and soul is old, always has been, but that doesn't mean I let her read stuff that is not age appropriate.   She has read the 1st Twilight, I will let her read the 2nd, and I think I'll end it there for now.  Vampire Diaries might be too much for her, I have never read them.  Maximum Ride by James Patterson was a series that she just loved and tore through all of them.  Mare is very smart and witty, she'll need a book that will hold her interest and make her think a bit too.

What I'm looking for is some suggestions that might fit the bill for her.  Nothing to racy something that has some intrigue that will have her not wanting to put the book down.   I am defering to those bloggers that are big fans of YA, any ideas, I would love it!

I have not read a book in 24 hours!  Wow, heehee.  I have Pleasure Unbound loaded on the kindle and ready to go, I'll be starting it tonight.  I've been wanting to get the Demonica series going and now I will, I hear I should keep a spray bottle with ice water in it near by ; )

Pleasure Unbound (Demonica, Book 1)
   Larissa Ione
   Paperback 416 pgs

For my Whacha Reading Friday post I'll let you know what I think.  By the way, for those who have been considering the Kindle, Amazon has just dropped it to $189.00, that is an awesome deal!!  It's usually $259.00, so if you or someone you know is contemplating it, now might be a good time.


  1. Paula: I like you have no clue about YA. I have noticed in the Friday Book Blog Hop, hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books, there are quite a few of YA blogs participating. You may get some info from that. I will have the link up tomorrow for the hop if you are interested.

  2. I haven't read these but I hear they are good and they are stocked in the young adult section of my local supermarket - The Percy Jackon series by Rick Riordan.

    Author's Website:

    Hope this helps :)

  3. Here are some great series for YA -
    Soul Screamers (Rachel Vincent)
    The Magic Thief (Sarah Prineas)
    Pendragon (DJ MacHale)
    Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)
    Lynne Ewing writes a couple different series
    Scott Westerfeld has a few different choices too - The Uglies series and The Midnighters.
    Charlie Fletcher writes an amazing seres that starts with Stoneheart.
    There are probably a ton of others, but those come off the top of my head. Good Luck! Happy reading! oh - Herbie Brennan too!

  4. @ Beverly, thank you!! What a great list, I'll have her go through them with me to see if she finds one!

    @ CMash, duh I didn't even think of the hop ;)

    @ AGM. aahhhh, the Percy Jackson series thank you!

  5. I'm actually in process of (re)reading and reviewing a fantastic YA series: The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. The 9th book just came out, so I'm refreshing my memory and posting my thoughts as I go. If you want to go ahead and read the summary (no spoilers) on my blog, just visit here!

    Some other MG/YA series she might enjoy (I know I did) are:
    Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
    Tamora Pierce's many quartets (Alanna: The First Adventure is the best place to start)
    Dealing With Dragons quartet by Patricia C. Wrede
    Kristen Cashore's Graceling and/or Fire

  6. Thank you Vicki, this has been so helpful. I want her to keep up her reading and this fits the bill! Thanks for your suggestions :)


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