Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Reads

I love the laziness of summer.  Not being on a schedule, the longer days, the feeling of no rush to be anywhere or do anything.  This makes for a perfect setting to read.  Laying by the pool, or on the beach.  Relaxing on the porch swing or rocker and just lolly gagging with your favorite book.  I try to get to the library with the kids, get them some of their favorites so that their brains aren't turning to mush during the break, our library has little challenges with gift certificates to local restaurants or fast food places if they read a certain # of books.  It's good to get the whole family to read.

That said, do you have a summer reading list together?  Are there some books you're dying to get to and are looking forward to that vacation to bring them along on?  I have a bunch, here are just a few of what I'd like to tackle this summer -

Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Mysteries, Book 1)Pleasure Unbound (Demonica, Book 1)Moon Called (Mercy Thompson)

Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)Minion (Vampire Huntress Legends)Kushiel's Dart

Stalking the Angel (Elvis Cole, Book 2)Stray (Shifters Book 1)

Now, reading 6 books in a month is about my average, so this should be a good start for some of June and part of July.  I always wind up swapping books out as well, finding I might be in the mood for something completely different.

How about you?  What is that special read you've just been dying to get to with an ice cold smoothie, or an iced coffee while the stars twinkle, or the salty breeze tickles your toes as you relax on the beach?


  1. I am signed up for so many reading challenges that I have my list made out for the next eight or nine months--LOL

  2. I absolutely love both the Kushiel & In Death series, I hope you do too! :)

  3. Thanks for joining my Summer Reading Challenge! Good luck getting through your books. I hope you enjoy them!


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