Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Awards!

I love getting awards.  I have gotten a few for my other blog Mia Sogni Dolci, which is about my daily doings and my scrapbooking, but I have now gotten my first 2 for my book blog and I'm happy!

This award was given to me by Steph over at Fangs Wands and Fairydust.  She has a beautiful blog that I love to visit.  It has an ethereal quality that is just delightful!

This award was given to me by Julie at Reading Without Restraint.  Julie's blog is wonderful.  I love how it's designed, when I stop by it always puts a smile on my face.  She has done an awesome job with her blog and I am very flattered by her tip of the hat to  me : ) !  I hope my blog looks just as good one day.

Reading Without Restraint”=

The Versatile Blogger award's rules are as follows -

List seven things about yourself and then pass it on to fifteen other bloggers whose blogs you truly enjoy.  I am going to wait just a bit since I've seen this around and I want to make sure I pass it to a blogger who hasn't gotten it.  When I visit the Hop I'll  be sure to find some wonderful ones.

The Stylish blogger Award rules are similar -

List five random things about myself and then pass it on to five bloggers.

I will do this one now since 5 is much easier to do.

Stylish Blogger Award

I have been married since I'm 16, 29 yrs
I hate liver, yuk!!
I have fallen arches, a flat foot which means a wide foot!!
My son was stung by a scorpion in our yard when he was 4
I am originally from Brooklyn N.Y. but have lived in So Cali for 21 yrs now

Here are my 5 bloggers -
  1. Stephanie at Fangs Wands and Fairydust
  2. Carolyn at  Book Chic City
  3. Lori at Lori's Reading Corner
  4. The Book Vixen
  5. Sarah at My World of Books

In book news I've finished Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews and I loved it!   Well worth reading.  Both Kate and Curran are just great characters. 

Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, Book 4)

My dilemma is which book to start next.  #2 in the Queen Betsy series Undead and Unemployed or # 3 in the Outlander series, Voyager.  Oh boy who do I choose?  I just wish I would've loaded # 2 of the In Death series Glory In Death on my kindle since I'm here in N.Y. and I really liked # 1!  Then again since I have a ton of books on my kindle that I haven't read I may just choose something totally different : )  Just call me fickle.


  1. Congrats, Paula! I really do enjoy your blog...

  2. Congrats on the awards! And thanks for passing them along to me :)


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